Process Control & Tracking System

Live Demo

Request for a live demo, Click here. Proctore helps organizations to track various manufacturing processes involved in production plants. This enables coordination among various departments to optimize the entire manufacturing process. Proctore is one of the proprietary manufacturing tracking systems of Aucupa.

  • About Proctore

    One of the conventional challenge faced by ERP systems in manufacturing units is that the system lacks in getting live data and status of orders being processed in production plants. ERP system will help plants in order creation, inventory management, shipping etc; However when real manufacturing is underway, ERP has no data pertaining to status of various orders running in plants. Proctore is an add on to ERP systems for live reporting of order status and associated parameters like downtime reason, downtime duration, input, output material quantity used and produced, manpower utilization, supervisors worked in shifts, quality control details (Accept and Reject information) etc. Proctore seamlessly integrates with standard ERP application like SAP ERP, Microsoft Navision, Oracle ERP and other various ERP systems in the market. Proctore uses standard data formats like JSON and XML to exchange data and integrate flawlessly with most of the ERP systems.

  • Plant view app for High level Management (Proctore-PVApp)

    This app is exclusively for top level management of the organization like CEO, MD, VPs etc. This will enable user to get a concise view of the process happening in plants located in several geographical locations. This will be an android, iPhone, Windows 8 or BlackBerry application for mobile phone which user will be carrying while in transit, at office or home.

  • Supervisor App (Proctore-SApp)

    Supervisor app will be provided to supervisors/managers in the plant. Supervisor will have permission to view status of various machines; quantity of materials fed in the input and came out after processing, any down time etc.

  • Operator App (Proctore-OApp)

    This App will be used by machine level operators in the plant. Operator can execute only process assigned to the plants under him. This app will capture data pertaining to work shift details, down time reasons and start & end time, output quantity, switching operator and orders, manpower usage, plant utility factor etc. Operator access to features of app are restricted through user management application. In general user will not have permission to modify data without his supervisor’s permission.

  • Feeder App (Proctore-FApp)

    This app will be used in the plat where raw materials for extraction will be loaded into the machines. Quantity of input materials (weight or litres or any applicable measurement unit) will be fed to the system through this app. Operator would be able to enter quantity of output material as well which can be fed to next level of app. This will help in tracking quantity of materials passed among various machines involved in end to end processing.

  • Lab Assessment App (Proctore-LAApp)

    In production plants, seed quantity as much as 1000 quintal extraction per day is normal. Seeds are collected from different farms. Before starting production, estimation of output oil quantity is conducted on samples collected from the seeds brought to the plant. This estimation happens in a lab within the plant. Lab test estimates yield by performing end to end processes on the samples collected. Lab Assessment app helps to capture quantity and estimate production yield, variance etc.

  • Warehouse App (Proctore-WApp)

    Warehouse is one of the key departments in production plants which takes care of the movement of incoming raw material, outgoing products/finished goods (FG) and semi-finished goods (SFG). Keeping warehouse registers updated for raw materials, FG and SFG are vital to track the stock and optimum utilization of available items in the store.Proctore-WApp has facility for end to end management of warehouse and alert system to optimize stock.

  • Web Interfaces

    This will be accessible from web browser on computer, tablets and Mobile phones. These web applications will be used for viewing various reports for business analytics, performance monitoring, order management, user management etc. Data fed to system through various apps mentioned will be used for generating reports and analytics. Reports will be available on mobile apps as well. Management team on the move can fetch details of production through tablet or mobile device.